Alexa! Play Good As hell by Lizzo

I'm Morgan Converse (she/her) and I specialize in capturing Joy & empowerment in; families, seniors, portraits, couples, boudoir and all the candid sessions in-between. I am a outdoor & on location photographer based in Austin Minnesota.

I started my photography business in 2017 after doing sessions as acts of kindness for a couple years and finding it brought me the happiness I was searching for. Photography isn't my passion, my passion is self love and being a advocate for helping people find that spark within themselves. I found that photography gives me the ability to help others to start to see themselves differently. Sometimes that is all it takes, just one moment to be caught candidly in your beauty as you are. When you book me you basically get a whole self love therapy session attached, sorry not sorry.

Self love is important and if I can use this camera as a tool to help you see yours then I am right where I am supposed to be.

I love having this magic that allows me to stop time and capture a moment of laughs, excitement, nerves & everything in-between. I love being able to look back on sessions and instantly be hit with the emotions from the shoot. My life has been changed since I started this journey; it's been fulfilled in ways I will never be able to explain much less type out in a bio. All I can say is my love for who I am and what I do overflows & it will overflow onto you at our session because my job is to remind you how beautiful you and your life really is.

I'M MORGAN & I AM JUST A GIRL FOLLOWING what causes a revolution in my heart.